The request was denied, and for the second time in six months, so too was Cedar Recovery

Once again, the voice of the people was heard Monday night when citizens of Cookeville spoke against a request by Paul Trivette of Cedar Recovery that would allow a methadone clinic at 1225 S. Willow Avenue by rezoning the trac from Commercial Industrial to Medical Services (MS).

The MS District is “intended primarily to provide a centralized, compact location for hospitals, clinics, medical and dental offices, and laboratories; to protect medically related facilities in the area from adverse influences, and to promote the establishment of complementary facilities,” according to the zoning code.

The request was denied, and for the second time in six months, so too was Cedar Recovery.

Last year, the company tried to open a similar clinic in Rickman before withdrawing its application for a certificate of need due to “safety of patients and staff.”

“Cedar Recovery applied for a Certificate of Need (CON) to establish an opioid Treatment Program in Overton County,” said Cedar Recovery in a statement at the time regarding the Rickman facility. “At the town hall on Oct. 3, we faced community opposition and safety concerns. Threats were made against the proposed location and staff. Such behavior underscored the high safety risk that our patients, staff and property could potentially face, along with a hostile atmosphere within the community. After thorough deliberation, considering the attitudes, behavior, and dissent expressed during the Tuesday evening meeting, Cedar Recovery has decided to withdraw its application.”

Currently, the zoning code requires methadone clinics to be no closer than 1500 feet from residential property, schools, childcare facilities, public playgrounds, public parks or churches. According to reports, Trivette made a second request to allow methadone clinics as a “use permitted by right” in the MS district.

That request was tabled. An appeal is available if Trivette chooses.

He has 30 days to do so, but would a third time be the charm? If the people have a say, the odds are against it.

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