Prichards Foods owner Stein Edward Prichard charged on four counts

Alexandria – in Smithville has reported Alexandria business owner Stein Edward Prichard has been charged with four counts of forgery. Stein, 50, is the manager of Prichards Foods in Alexandria. 

According to the website, Prichard is under a bond of $26,000 and will appear in court Feb. 8 on charges of altering checks of two customers by “changing the actual amounts to much higher amounts.”

DeKalb County Sheriff Patrick Ray spoke to WJLE.

“People would come into the store and buy goods and would write a check and then he allegedly would change the amount of the check and run it through the bank and used the proceeds for his benefit. We got a report at the sheriff’s department Dec. 5 about an altered check and found it was altered at Prichard’s Foods. We started an investigation with assistance of the district attorney’s office. They assigned an investigator to help us. A total of four subpoenas were issued on business records of the store. We found one victim had three altered checks while there was one altered check on another victim That’s what the investigation revealed,” said Sheriff Ray.

The four forgery counts allege that Prichard forged a personal check by altering the amount from $247.60 to $3,247.9; forged a personal check by altering the amount from $135.36 to $935.36; forged a personal check from $199.26 to $5,199.26 and forged a personal check from $205.69 to $6,205.69.

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