The animatronic dino experience allows kids of all ages to explore the ancient world

Sparta – Life will find a way. Dr. Ian Malcolm said that in the original 1993 Blockbuster film Jurassic Park.

He was right, sort of. Dinosaurs will rule the earth again, at least for a couple of days in Sparta when Jurassic Empire, an animatronic dino experience, tramples through the Fairgrounds in White County July 8-9. The event will feature roaring dinos to ride, bounce houses, phot ops inside dino eggs (you read that right), and probably the most popular part of the event, interactive baby dinos. You may even see some ice age creatures.

“Your child will probably not get eaten,” says Jurassic Empire.

Baby dinosaurs – Youngsters can pet baby dinos.

Born of passion, Jurassic Empire loves to share that passion with the public.

“Jurassic Empire is one of the world’s largest dinosaur touring events,” according to their website. “It was started in 2001 with a vision and some amazing people in the Paleontological community. Everyone loves dinosaurs and so do we. We wanted to bring dinosaurs to every city in the country and so that’s what we did. Each dinosaur is painstakingly recreated from scientific specifications. They are true-life in size and in overall appearance. They even move and ROAR! There is no other Dinosaur event like it anywhere.”

There will be screaming (for joy hopefully) and there will be running (maybe not).

“We hope this event truly inspires and astounds you,” says Jurassic Empire.

Purchase your tickets now by visiting:

Photos courtesy of Jurassic Empire.

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