Dorris has held many leadership positions and has been actively engaged in campus life

Cookeville – Addison Dorris was named by Tennessee Tech University’s board of trustees as the board’s new student trustee at their meeting June 22.

She says her plans are to use the knowledge and connections made in her time at Tech to represent the diverse student body and give them “a voice” on the board. Dorris, a marketing and human resource management major in Tech’s College of Business, is a native of Portland and will graduate in May 2024.

“Since the moment I stepped on campus, I knew Tennessee Tech was the place I was meant to be. At Tech, I felt like more than just a number. I felt like each and every person I met wanted me to succeed, not only in my academics but in my everyday life,” Dorris said. “All of these feelings I had when I chose Tech are still relevant three years later, and I am so grateful for the supportive atmosphere of the Golden Eagle community.”

In her college career, Dorris has held many leadership positions and has been actively engaged in campus life. This allowed her to link with individuals from diverse social, cultural, socioeconomic and academic circumstances.

“These connections have provided me with a better understanding of the vast array of adversities students face, which goes beyond the challenges I personally experience,” Dorris said. “Being exposed to these perspectives allows me to better advocate for all students, not just students with similar backgrounds to my own.”

She is a current or former member of more than 10 university-wide committees and said she can provide insights into the numerous aspects of campus life.

Her mission is to use her position as student trustee to ensure Tech’s “students first” marketing slogan is one that the board of trustees and other campus authorities “hold true.”

“Students deserve to feel valued, supported and engaged at Tennessee Tech. I aim to advocate for changes, initiatives and decisions that positively affect the Golden Eagle community,” Dorris said.

She said that, while the student trustee represents the student body in board of trustee matters, she feels it is more relevant for the student trustee to be responsible as being the “voice” for the students on campus.

Over the past year, Dorris has served as Tennessee Tech’s student body president, and that role pushed her to actively listen and act on the needs and concerns of students. It also provided her with experiences advocating for positive, student-focused changes and improvements in her interactions with university officials.

“Aside from my campus experiences, what sets me apart as an ideal trustee is my heart for Tennessee Tech and its success,” Dorris said. “My life has been forever changed by becoming a Golden Eagle, and I am fully dedicated to making sure all Golden Eagles have the resources and support systems they need to be successful during their college career.”

Dorris said some of her favorite aspects of campus life include the faculty and staff, the resources and opportunities available to students, the “beautiful architecture of buildings and outdoor areas, and the ice cream in the university center.”

According to her, Tech has something for everyone and, no matter one’s personality or background, there is “a place and community for you at Tech.”

“During my time at Tennessee Tech, I have experienced immense growth in my personal and professional lives. When I began my college career, I could never have imagined the incredible opportunities and experiences this university would provide me. Now, three years later, I am excited and ready to give back to the university that has given me so much. Tennessee Tech is a special place in the community and a home for so many,” said Dorris.

After graduation, Dorris plans to pursue a business-related master’s degree while beginning a career in human resources. She credits the opportunities and experiences she has had while at Tech as having shaped her into the person she is today.

“I am beyond grateful for this university and all it has done for me. I am so excited to continue improving this incredible campus through serving as the student trustee,” Dorris said. “I look forward to working with students, faculty and staff, campus organizations, and board members to tackle issues impacting the Tennessee Tech community.”

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