Local Investment fund looks to grow wealth and jobs in Upper Cumberland

Cookeville – Investment Alliance LLC (IA) wants to provide an avenue for early-stage companies to raise capital in rural regions. As they look to set up an investment fund to do just that, company spokesman Jeff Brown told the Upper Cumberland Business Journal small businesses are key to growing wealth and strong economies in smaller communities.

“Small businesses provide the majority of new jobs in the U.S.,” said Brown. “They also grow wealth in the area as they grow. A company that starts here, usually stays here, which means so do their profits. Locally owned companies have a huge economic impact. Small businesses need two things that are often overlooked in rural areas: customers and access to capital.”

What is the key to successful investing, according to Brown?

“Investors need to invest in multiple companies, not just one or two,” admitted Brown. “Having the resources to do proper due diligence is also a huge problem for most local investors.”

The biggest struggles startups and small businesses face is financing. Brown says Investment Alliance, LLC wants to play a part in helping to ease that pain.

“We want to provide one of the missing pieces for early-stage companies and entrepreneurs that want to build an investable business,” said Brown. “It also provides an avenue for local qualified investors to invest locally, receive a return on their money, Spur economic growth and help grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

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Image by rawpixel.com on Freepik.

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