Small businesses with high growth potential are the primary target

Cookeville – The Upper Cumberland Investment Alliance, LLC (the Fund) is looking to set up an investment fund in the Upper Cumberland they say will “ensure the robust future of the region’s business and economic development.” 

The Fund recently sent out surveys to gauge interest of local businesses in becoming a party of the investment fund.

“The Fund is being formed to pool the capital resources and the business connections of sophisticated and wealthy investors in and around the Upper Cumberland Tennessee Region (the Region), to provide both favorable investment returns to investors and to promote the entrepreneurial culture of the Region,” according to documents. “There is a new crop of entrepreneurs emerging who are working to grow the next generation of innovative companies, not just start-up businesses, but ongoing businesses that can grow. Our Region needs a point of focus to assist these emerging entrepreneurs with expertise and growth capital.”

To become a member, investors must purchase membership units and make a deposit of up to 10% per unit. The Fund will be capitalized through the sale of Class A, B and C Membership Units.

  • Class A voting Units: The minimum commitment will be $25,000.00 for one (1) voting Unit for individuals, family trusts, or closely held LLCs.
  • Class B voting Units: The minimum commitment will be $50,000.00 for one (1) voting Unit for institutions with assets of at least $5 million.
  • Class C non-voting Units: The minimum commitment will be $50,000.00 for one (1) non-voting Unit for individuals or institutions.

Small businesses with high growth potential are the primary target. Businesses should be diverse and demonstrate potential for substantial, profitable growth and be able to provide a fair return to investors. Priority investment will be in the Upper Cumberland region, which they define as within 50 miles of Cookeville, and the adjacent and nearby counties. However, the Fund will not be restricted from investing in any business members deem suitable, but they will not invest in any company deemed immoral or participating in illegal practices.

Imagined by Upper Cumberland business leaders to serve Upper Cumberland business leaders, the Fund was conceived and designed in the Upper Cumberland. Small businesses need investment in their dreams. The Fund hopes to provide that investment.

For more information on becoming a member visit HERE to fill out an online expression of interest.

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