COOKEVILLE – The Highlands Economic Partnership (HEP) will host the region’s largest hybrid job fair this month. This hybrid career platform will bring professionals from across the country together, both in person and virtually at the Leslie Town Center, on November 17, 2022.

This event has been designed to showcase our industry partners in the Highlands region and introduce the jobs we have available locally with the hopes of filling these positions.

“We are very excited to be hosting this premier event here in the Upper Cumberland, the potential impact this event will make on our Highlands region is unlike anything we have experienced before”, said Amy New, President and CEO of the Cookeville-Putnam County Chamber of Commerce.

HEP hopes to connect their supporting employers with over 1,500 individuals from all corners of North America.

“The Highlands Economic Partnership strives to improve the quality of life for all citizens by providing opportunities for businesses to grow and prosper. Right now, connecting our regional employers to a talented workforce is paramount to the success of our economic scalability. Our organization has aggressive goals for filling open jobs over the next five years. This is going to be a huge first step on that journey”, said Vice President of The Highlands Economic Partnership, Adam Poe.

The event is exclusive to HEP corporate supporters.

The Highlands Economic Partnership, established in 2006 by The Cookeville-Putnam County Chamber of Commerce as the Highlands Initiative, is a collaborative, public/private sector program designed to boost economic development and community development in Jackson, Overton, Putnam and White counties. The HEP is funded by federal, state, city and county governments and agencies, chambers of commerce, key officials and business leaders throughout the Upper Cumberland region.

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