Prices have doubled since Oct. 15

Athens – According to ticketing technology company Logitix, college football fans have been paying more than double over the last three weeks to see Saturday’s matchup between Tennesee and Georgia. The spike in ticket prices on the secondary market happened almost instantly following Tennessee’s upset win over Alabama on Oct. 15. The figures below show the average price per ticket sold on the secondary market, not including fees.

All sales through Oct. 15:  $405.07 per ticket

All sales after Oct. 15:  $881.91 per ticket

The information can also be found in the following Tweet.

Logitix manages millions of tickets for teams across the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, plus NCAA events and live event properties. The company optimizes ticket sales outcomes for all of its partners through proprietary dynamic pricing and distribution. Its unique platform analyzes millions of real-time data points, providing up-to-the-minute insights within the live event marketplace

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