Cleanse Wellness Spa trying to establish a foothold in the health community

Cookeville – Cleanse Wellness Spa (CWS) Owner Lisa Marie Garcia moved to Cookeville from San Diego with a goal in mind – to bring awareness to the community about the importance and value of internal cleansing. She opened CWS in September 2022 with that mission in mind.

Business has been slow, according to Garcia.

“I think the biggest struggle I have right now is bringing awareness to the community,” Garcia told the Upper Cumberland Business Journal. “It (internal cleansing) is useful for the prevention of disease and the gut is pretty much tied into the entire body.”

Her first priority is to heal the community she has grown to love.

“This is a beautiful community with beautiful people. There are 90 restaurants in Cookeville, and they are always packed and people who seem to be feeling under the weather and not their best,” said Garcia. “I don’t really think they realize the importance of proper evacuation of the bowel and what all it does to help the body as a whole.”

With a national board-certified health and wellness coach, CWS offers colon hydrotherapy on an open or closed system, lymphatic drainage therapy, far infrared sauna therapy with red light therapy, ionic foot detox and essential oil with Epsom salt foot soaks.

Garcia says the services work together to cleanse the body internally.

“This is important, especially because, according to, Colorectal cancer is the number 3 cause of all cancer-related deaths nationwide,” said Garcia.

That percentage is estimated to be higher in the Upper Cumberland.

“I find that my biggest challenge is people do not know that I am here and they are unaware of the value of the services,” said Garcia. “I feel they think it will be embarrassing or painful. I also feel like they think of this more as just a solution for constipation.”

Garcia says the health benefits far outweigh that of just constipation.

“It helps with pretty much any digestive disease,” she said. “The services balance the microbiome of the gut.”

According to Garcia, 70% of our immune system and 80% or more of our serotonin is in our gut. Garcia said early financial expectations for the spa haven’t been met, but the spa is sustaining.

“There are many people that travel from the upper Cumberland to go to Nashville, Chattanooga or Knoxville for the services,” she said. “I like to say I am offering big-city services here in Cookeville at small-town prices. I also have the gold standard in certification.”

Despite slow growth early on, Garcia predicts strong growth in 2023.

“I expect to at least be running at 75% of the schedule,” said Garcia. “I can take 24 clients per day, not including the foot detox and sauna. I would like to be running at that capacity.”

What is the plan to stimulate growth within a struggling economy? 

“I am very interested in reaching customers through client testimonials and reviews. I have more than 35-star reviews right now,” said Garcia. “I am also interested in reaching them through social media, marketing, and I have taken advantage of many of the free services that Cookeville offers, including the small business administration, lunch topics on the subject from the Chamber of Commerce and the Biz Foundry.”

Garcia says the “wellness” market is improving despite a looming recession. In a niche market, growth is dependent on word of mouth, quality and market conditions.

“I feel like it is better than it was several years ago,” admitted Garcia about the “wellness” market, “and that people are more and more concerned with the fact that traditional modalities from Western medicine are never a cure for, just a way of life that often times does not get much better. I feel like more and more people are curious about what they can do to take control of their health.”

For more information visit CWS at or on Facebook HERE. Located at 420 S. Lowe Ave, Suite 23 in Cookeville, book an appointment HERE, call them at 931-295-8779, or email

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