Property known as “TT of HCP Hawkins Crawford Road Annexation area” has officially been annexed into the city

Cookeville – When Hyundai announced they were opening a new dealership in Cookeville, the property owners, who also own the future dealership’s adjacent property at 2185 Hawkins Crawford Road, requested the Hawkins Road property be annexed into the City as a part of a future expansion plan.

The city went to work to make that stretch of land their own.

Following months of meetings, discussions and public conversation, the 67-acre (which consists of 74 total acres if you account for right of ways, etc.) tract of property known as “TT of HCP Hawkins Crawford Road Annexation area” has now been annexed following approval by the Cookeville City Council (Council).

“Resolution R230608 (resolution) is the final step to incorporate this territory into the boundaries of the city of Cookeville by property owner consent and adopt a plan of services for the proposed annexation area,” said Community Development Director Jon Ward.

The council approved the resolution unanimously. Council also unanimously approved rezoning of the property for commercial use.

The dealership is expected to cost $18.9 million to construct, according to estimates. No opening date has been announced as the expansion comes on the heels of Hyundai’s goal of spreading its mid-to-long- term capital management across three phases of the business. They want to “balance investment and shareholder return” and “aim to improve the visibility of its future business investments to enhance the market’s confidence in the direction it is taking.”

The property itself is in a prime growth area with the planned new fairgrounds and convention center off that same exit (283) in Putnam County. This is an ongoing story. Check back for updates as the dealership nears completion and opening date.

Image by ArtPhoto_studio on Freepik.

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