Livingston –  Livingston based Encore Healthcare and Buckeye Home Medical of Jamestown will be partnering to “bring improved outcomes and quality of life to the patients they serve.”

Together using Encore’s innovative Nexus software platform and Buckeye’s high-touch respiratory care program, including their focused RN case managers fulfilling the role of Advanced Pulmonary Coordinators, the companies will look to reinvent the traditional Home Medical Equipment model. Insurance companies are looking to reduce the number of avoidable hospitalizations with chronic respiratory disease patients (COPD), and physicians are eager to improve patient outcomes.

According to the two companies, both can now be aligned. Encore’s Nexus program has reduced hospitalizations by greater than 60%, and Buckeye’s respiratory focus improves care coordination and clinical outcomes.

The program enrolls Buckeye’s respiratory patients using equipment such as oxygen, ventilation and airway clearance devices into an outcome-based program powered by Encore’s Nexus software. Using Respiratory Therapists and Advanced Pulmonary Coordinators, the partnership wants ensure patients have a smooth transition from the hospital into the home and the resources they need to stay home. Using clinical assessments, predictive analytics, and in-home visits to identify gaps in care, the program is able to predict exacerbations before they happen, and therefore coordinate care with the patients’ physician.

“Encore has an innovative care model and software that’s being used all over the United States to reduce readmission and drive a better homecare model”, said Paula Allred, a Pharmacist and co-owner of Buckeye Home Medical. “Once we realized the capability of the Nexus software, I knew right away this is the future of healthcare and it would be a disservice to our patients not to do this partnership”

Zach Gantt, RRT, FAARC the CEO of Encore Healthcare said he knows Buckeye plays to win, and that makes them a great partner.

“Buckeye’s reputation for quality care is well known, and I have even competed with them for many years,“ said Gantt. “Now it’s an honor to work and serve alongside them and make a difference in the community we both love so much”

Located at 104A W Court Square, Livingston, TN 38570, Encore Healthcare can be reached at (877) 853-2931.

Located at 226 W Central Ave. in Jamestown, Buckeye Home Medical can be reached at (931) 879-9926 or toll free at 1-800-706-2272.

Founded in 2015, Encore Healthcare is reinventing respiratory population health by empowering HME providers and Payers with the Nexus software platform that transforms the lives of respiratory patients. The Encore team has successfully implemented the Nexus outcome-based respiratory and sleep platform to help HME providers move into value based business models. Encore helps HME providers use clinical programs, data and analytics to grow the equipment business and create ways to leverage outcomes to partner with physicians, hospital systems and payers.

Buckeye Home Medical is a full-line DME providing home medical equipment to patients including oxygen, PAP devices, ventilators, airway clearance, nebulizers, hospital beds, wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, diabetic shoes, lift chairs and more. All complex respiratory and sleep therapies are set up and managed by a multidisciplinary care team including Respiratory Therapists and Pulmonary Case Managers.

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