There have already been two request for proposal submissions made

Crossville – The Crossville City Council will consider hiring a marketing firm regarding the proposed Recreation Center at its next meeting.

“It’s on the agenda,” said Crossville City Manager Greg Wood, ”but not a done deal.”

If passed, the city will look to the marketing agency to promote the idea and help gauge the temperature of a community where many are against the idea without community vote.

“We are a republic with elected officials supposed to represent the people’s interest,” said Wood. “If we can do it without a tax increase or a minimal one then I think that could take the weight off that issue.”

The idea of shopping P.R. Firms for a project the community or its leaders haven’t solidified as viable and has yet to be put to referendum is a concern for some within the community. Others say the idea is solid and would test the temperature of the room to see how open the community is for such a project.

“My opinion is that it (the rec. center) should be put to a referendum,” said City Mayor R.J. Crawford, “but we don’t have enough information at this point to move forward, and it will also depend on what the other council members want. I am only one vote.”

Does Crawford think hiring a P.R. firm is a good idea?

“I don’t think we need to do anything further till we know what we are planning to present to the citizens of Crossville (price, layout and funding options),” said Crawford.

If the PR measure passes, the city would then have to pass a budget amendment to proceed.

According to official documents within the city of Crossville, an addendum for “marketing services for recreation facility” has been added to

It reads as follows:


Detailed Scope of Services

  1. Initial poll to determine popularity and proper messaging
  2. Create messaging regarding the recreation facility
  3. Presentations to local clubs and organizations
  4. Gather testimonials and endorsements
  5. Distribute accurate information to the citizens of Crossville

Including but not limited to strategic messaging, press releases, polling, writing, graphic design, and creation of marketing materials.

There have been two request for proposal submissions already:

  • E. Allen Brandon; $68,000
  • Bingham Group; $5,000 flat fee + $100/hr

Crawford says the city doesn’t have anything to market, yet.

“I tend to concur with the mayor on this one, but I can’t tell you what will happen.” said Wood.

To market or not to market? That is now up for a vote, and the next meeting of the Crossville City Council is Tuesday Sept. 12 at 6 p.m.

Image by lifeforstock on Freepik.

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