⊕Cookeville facility introduces ‘Lifestyle 360’ [SPONSORED]

Morningside Assisted Living of Cookeville.
Morningside Assisted Living of Cookeville.

Morningside Assisted Living of Cookeville has done away with traditional activity programming and embraced a unique concept called “Lifestyle 360.” Lifestyle 360 is a cutting-edge wellness program that focuses on every aspect of healthy aging. Five Star Senior Living, the parent company of Morningside Assisted Living in Cookeville, created and launched this evidence- based healthy aging lifestyle early in 2015 and response and outcomes have been extremely positive. One of Five Star Senior Living’s core values is we put people first. This is exactly what Lifestyle 360 does for the residents who choose to call our communities home.

At Morningside, we’re aware of the definition of “activities” when it comes to most nursing homes and senior living communities, but with Five Star Senior Living, the days of bingo and crafts are long gone. We realize that adults are living longer, have varied interests and are seeing retirement more as a jumping off point than a slowing down period. Many of today’s seniors are tech-savvy, adventurous and are still ready and eager to learn. Five Star Senior Living has been aware of this change in aging and is now at the forefront of a change in the culture of senior living.

The program architects at Five Star Senior Living have embraced aging as an ongoing ever-changing metamorphosis into our true mature selves. Lifestyle 360 is not an activity program. It’s a lifestyle change that encourages residents to bring the “five dimensions of wellness” into balance to live a more fulfilling life. The five dimensions of wellness in Lifestyle 360 are intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional and social.

By focusing on these dimensions, the team at Morningside has the ability to have a 360-degree view of each resident, paying attention to every aspect of their lives. Some of the programs offered to the residents include computer 101, seated Tai Chi, guided meditation, book blubs, cooking classes, worship services and painting classes as well as outings to theaters, movies, parks and many attractions. Each of these programs fit into one or more of the dimensions and challenge and encourage all participants to “step out of their comfort zone” and continue to grow at any age.

Because of Five Star Senior Living’s attention to detail, all the Lifestyle 360 offerings are evidence-based and have been proven effective in healthy aging. At Morningside of Cookeville, we believe age is not just a number; it is an indicator of the experiences we have amassed and the knowledge we’ve gained. There is no cut-off age for growth. Lifestyle 360 helps ensure that all participants are challenged, engaged and strengthened.

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Sherry Smith-Norrod is the executive director of Morningside Assisted Living of Cookeville, 1010 E. Spring St, Cookeville. For more information, call (931) 525-1083 or visit morningsideofcookeville.com.

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