Commercial building permits: August 2016

City of Cookeville/Putnam County List includes: Owner/contractor, type of construction, address and estimated cost

Liberty Square Inc. ABF Freight System/Bob Vick & Associates, remodel commercial, 1321 S. Jefferson Ave., $20,000

State of Tennessee Department of Education/W & O Construction Co. Inc., remodel commercial, 710 N. Peachtree Ave., $262,250

Times Square LLC/J & S Construction Co. Inc., remodel commercial, 851 S. Willow Ave., Suite 112, $148,597

Willow Tree Partnership Suite 400/Simmons Construction, remodel commercial, 120 S. Willow Ave., Suite D, $387,000

Donnie Meadows/ Bob Vick & Associates, new commercial, 4570 S. Jefferson Ave., $150,000

Gilbert Seth ETUX Brook/Putnam Contracting Services LLC, new duplex, 1330 Maddux Ave., $317,616

Gilbert Seth ETUX Brook/Putnam Contracting Services LLC, demolition, 1330 Maddux Ave., $50

Lilydale Reserve Associates LLC/W & O Construction Co. Inc., demolition, 331 W. Spring St., $50


City of Crossville/Cumberland County List includes: Contractor, permit type/description, address and valuation

Walton Spencer, building-commercial, addition on restaurant, 1114 West Ave., $157,869

Fields Engineering, building-commercial, renovation of assembly, 364 E. Highway 70, $5,000

Plateau Construction, county-commercial, picnic pavilion, 320 Experiment Station Road, $96,000

Plateau Construction, county-commercial, storage building 1-3, 1671 E. Highway 70, $217,269




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