CMS unveils more user-friendly medicare website

New will incorporate public feedback and make it easier to compare, choose and understand Medicare coverage.

WASHINGTON – Today, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) unveiled several updates to the website that make it easier, for millions of people who use it, to navigate and access information to compare and select health and drug coverage and find providers. The updated website, based on consumer feedback, prominently features timely initiatives and messages on the homepage and highlights key tasks and information most frequently sought by people with Medicare, people nearing Medicare eligibility and their families.

“CMS is making easier to use and more helpful for people seeking to understand their Medicare coverage, which is an essential part of staying hea­­lthy,” said CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure. “We are committed to listening to the people we serve as we design and deliver new, personalized online resources and expanded customer support options for people with Medicare coverage and those who support them.”

Since 2021, CMS has introduced a number of enhancements to to create a more welcoming and user-friendly experience. This week’s improvements redesign the home page and, also, add more detailed pricing information about Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) Policies that give individuals the information they need to compare Medigap plan costs and coverage options. CMS is committed to providing comprehensive and easily accessible information to support people with Medicare in their decision making. Additional improvements are planned for the next few months to streamline the Medicare Plan Finder landing page and the Medicare Account landing page, and align the look and feel with the new home page.

Other updates to throughout the past year include using simple language to answer complex questions people often have about Medicare coverage and step-by-step guidance to help people who are new to Medicare understand their coverage options and when they need to sign up. For example, a redesign of the “Get started with Medicare” section in the summer of 2021 guides users through a few questions to get personalized information for their unique situation to make it faster and easier to learn about Medicare and sign up. Updates to improve user-friendly navigation on the website include the implementation of a simple and modern consistent header in early 2021.

CMS continues to use feedback from users, along with human-centered design principles, to explore and plan future enhancements to the website and is committed to expanding personalization to create an optimized customer experience for people with Medicare and those who help them.

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