Carthage Junction Depot to host first art exhibit Oct. 2

SOUTH CARTHAGE – The Carthage Junction Depot announces it will kick-off a series of art exhibits on Oct. 2 with a selection of works by artist, Ken P Uselton. 

Although it is difficult to classify his work, Uselton is an artist working and residing in Tullahoma. Having received his BFA in graphic design and printmaking at MTSU, and from there moving into sign painting, then t-shirt design, he has used many types of media in his pursuits of visual and thoughtful interest.

Currently, in this series of mirrors, the artist presents many different subjects, from a two-headed baby cow that was a collaboration with his daughter, to a piece called ‘VILIFIED’… which begs the viewer to wonder, “have I been vilified?” Some works are decorative in nature, while some serve a specific design purpose. The designs are bold and direct, just as the artist feels communication should be.

“Mirrors can reveal another dimension,” said Uselton. “Viewers can see themselves face to face. Also, if our eyes are windows to the soul, then the viewer can see into his own soul.”

In these works, the viewer becomes a part of the piece, and sees him/her self in the image. Mirrors can be decorations, mirrors can be tools, mirrors can be affirmation…Mirrors can be objective, or distorted. Sometimes we like what we see in the mirror, sometimes we don’t.

The Carthage Junction Depot will be presenting this selection of work on Oct. 2. from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Come and experience the Hall of Mirrors. The exhibit is free and open to the public. The artist’s work will be available for sale.

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