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Jeffrey G. Jones is a regional managing member for Wimberly Lawson Wright Daves & Jones PLLC. He can be reached at

Legal Perspective: Using comparator analysis to a company’s advantage

It is relatively rare for an employee to show workplace discrimination by direct proof Cookeville – Employment discrimination...

Legal Perspective: Let’s talk about The EEOC annual report

We are experiencing an unpredictable and difficult economic situation Cookeville – A few statistics are worth our attention,...

Legal Perspective: PWFA and PUMP – new laws for pregnant and nursing workers

The federal Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) requires employers to make temporary reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers

Legal Perspective: Strategies for dealing with stubborn employees

It is important for the employer to determine what may have caused the employee’s dissatisfaction Cookeville – No...

Legal Perspective: The NLRB has been busy

NLRB has increased risks to employers and expanded rights of unions Cookeville – In a series of decisions...

Legal Perspective: Workers’ Comp: how to deny a claim and make it stick

Often employers are confronted with situations in which an employee’s claim is either fraudulent or at least exaggerated regarding its severity