Wilson County Fair-Tennessee State Fair receives International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE) Awards

The Wilson County Fair-Tennessee State Fair was well represented at the International Fairs and Expositions annual convention in San Antonio, TX, by (left to right) Helen McPeak, Peggy Clemons, Randall Clemons, Shari Bazydola, Lanah Hale, David Hale and Johnnie Webb.

LEBANON – The 2021 Wilson County Fair-Tennessee State Fair made history in so many ways. This was the first year to add the Tennessee State Fair along with Honoring our Hometown Heroes while celebrating the Year of Beef. Events and activities from this year’s Fair were entered into competition with other Fairs from around the world to showcase the great fun, education and competitions that take place at agriculture-based Fairs.  

Over 1,100 Entries were judged by Fair industry professionals, and awards were presented during the 2021 Virtual Awards Show both on Zoom and Facebook Live. 

“We are honored to recognize organizations exceeding in agriculture, communications, competitive exhibits and sponsorship at their fair along with non-fair facility usage events,” Brittney Harper, IAFE Member Services Coordinator, said. “Those receiving these prestigious awards were selected by our panel of judges based on their creativity, concept development, promotion, innovation and adaptability. Winners were selected from the membership of the IAFE which has over 1,800 members from around the globe. Wilson County Fair-Tennessee State Fair received a total of 20 awards in five categories, including Agriculture Awards, Communications Awards, Competitive Exhibits Awards, Sponsorship Awards and Non-Fair Facility Usage Awards.” 

Agriculture Awards   

1st place – Newly established or evolving program/exhibit at your fair which promotes agriculture to the fairgoing public – Celebrating Year of Beef Agriculture Commodity 

3rd place – Agricultural exhibitor events, awards, participants incentives or retention programs – Incentives to increase exhibitor numbers in livestock 

3rd place – Technique/procedure/policy developed by Farm Management to correct an issue/challenge related to an agricultural program – Increasing information to non-livestock showing public (Livestock Shows Catalog and Information Booth) 

3rd place – Livestock picture – Youth showing cattle 

3rd place – Agriculture Education picture – Feeding baby piglet from Birthing Barn  

3rd place – Agriculture individual picture – Tennessee State Flag created from large round hay bales 

3rd place – Any other Agriculture program/exhibit – Showcasing 4-H, FFA and Wool in Q Barn area 

Communications Awards  

1st place – At Home Activities (non-video) – Mailbox and Door Decorating Contests 

2nd place – Social Media Campaign 

2nd place – Promotional/Advertising Poster – 2021 Fair Poster 

Competitive Exhibits Awards  

1st place – Use of Theme Throughout Multiple Divisions of Competitive Exhibits 

1st place – New Contest or Competition – Outhouse Race 

1st place – Competitive Exhibit New Display Method and/or Prop – Youth t-shirt display 

2nd place – Strategy or Tactic to Engage Competitive Exhibits Participants – Taste of Tennessee Big Beef Showdown 

3rd place – Additional Competitive Exhibits Measures Taken – Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner Ninja Competition 

Sponsorship Awards 

1st place – Sponsor Innovation – Burger Republic’s sponsorship of Taste of Tennessee Big Beef Showdown 

1st place – Sponsorship Continuity – Wilson County Farm Bureau 

1st place – Sponsor Exposure – Celebrating Year of Beef with Tennessee Beef Council 

2nd place – First Time Sponsorship – Academy Sports and Outdoors  

Non-Fair Facility Usage Awards 

2nd place – Successful Non-Fair Event at your Facility produced or co-produced by Facility Staff – Christmas in the Grove

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