WCTE PBS participating in ‘The Big Payback’

‘The Big Payback,’ Tennessee’s 7th annual 24-hour giving day campaign

COOKEVILLE – WCTE PBS is once again participating in “The Big Payback,” a 24-hour, online giving event created to help Middle Tennessee nonprofits raise vital funds needed to continue their work and directly improving the community around them. This is the seventh year that WCTE PBS is taking part in the 24-hour event on Tuesday, May 6. 

With the recent disasters in our region – the tornadoes, COVID-19 and the unfolding economic downturn – this year it’s more important than ever to help lift up the organizations working hard to make a difference.

Once the clock starts ticking, anyone can visit thebigpayback.org/wcte and make a donation to WCTE PBS. The money raised from “The Big Payback” will play a crucial role in supporting WCTE’s work. The station has long been committed to its public service mission of providing quality programming, educational resources and trusted programming to everyone. WCTE has offered a safe haven for families during the COVID-19 anytime and anywhere, teachers, parents and children have had access to on-line distant learning tools, and our day-time broadcast has been used to deliver at-home learning through programming that inspires, educates and engages. 

“It’s important to the station to have the support of our community during this very critical time,” said Avery Hutchins, WCTE director of development. “We depend on the Big Payback event to rally the communities that we count on for support, because we know when we have the support of many, we are stronger and that’s what we need right now.”

During the past seven years of giving days, “The Big Payback” has made a tremendous impact on the middle Tennessee community, helping raise nearly $17 million for area organizations. 

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