The holy grail of responsible resource management has always prioritized reuse over recycling. We are selling every solar panel we can remanufacture.”

— Duncan Gillis, CEO of BBB Industries

Sparta –The solar panel and EV Batter lifecycle management division of BBB Industries TerrePower says that solar manufacturing at its Sparta Tennessee plant is now fully operational.

TerrePower is the only company of its kind to refurbish and reuse both solar panels and EV batteries.

“The plant is dedicated to extending the life and improving the performance of solar panels through sustainable manufacturing for reuse, significantly reducing costs and emissions,” according to a release by the company.

The facility is 20,000 square feet and is the only company of its kind to “sustainable manufacture both EV batteries and solar power systems” and can house over 125,000 panels. Established in 2021, TerrePower is leveraging over three decades of BBB Industries’ expertise in the global automotive aftermarket.

The process – TerrePower production facility in Sparta is state of the art.

According to the release, the company plans to ramp up it EV Operations across four U.S. plants (PA, FL, AZ and TN). They say they are also devoting energy to solar panel refurbishment, a market yet to be fully explored.

“The holy grail of responsible resource management has always prioritized reuse over recycling,” says Duncan Gillis, CEO of BBB Industries. “We are selling every solar panel we can remanufacture and expect to triple the size of our solar panel remanufacturing business in the next two years.”

TerrePower remanufactures used solar panels to enable second-life usage. They want to provide affordable options.

“We apply over 30 years of remanufacturing experience to our solar panels, which can provide a high-quality alternative source to new,” says John Boyer, President of TerrePower. “In many cases, we can use newer, superior components.”

TerrePower says they weed out weak battery pack componentsand replace them with components they scrutinize and test. The idea is to improve performance for vehicle use.

“Underperforming battery modules that can no longer be used for mobility are repurposed into stationary energy storage units for a second life,” according to TerrePower. 

TerrePower’s Sparta facility, with a total square footage of 192,000, also houses a portion of this automotive production. The company says it looks to “scale its operations, giving more panels a second or third life” while “multiplying commercial opportunities across the clean energy economy.”

Photos courtesy of TerrePower and Freepik.

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