Developer says they have seen a need, specifically in Nashville

Nashville – Surfs up, bro.

If you are a landlocked surf bum, or just want to give surfing a try, there is great news in the world of theme parks. Global developer Adventurer is eyeing Nashville as a part of a plan to bring surf themed parks to nine different territories across the country, according to reports.

The developer says they have seen a need, specifically in Nashville, for a surfing experience. Also on the list are Atlanta, New York and more. Adventurer says there is a huge demand for surfing, but no access, and they want to change that.

The 5.5-acre vision will see a surfing lagoon with retail space, residential area, cafes, restaurants, beach clubs, fitness and wellness studios, training centers and event facilities. The project looks to be completed 2025 if it happens at all.

So, if that urge to catch a wave is strong, a trip to coco beach may be the best bet for a while.

Image by chandlervid85 on Freepik.

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