Putnam County sees savings thanks to energy grant

By Amye Anderson
UCBJ Managing Editor

PUTNAM COUNTY – Thanks to a grant from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, Putnam County is saving thousands of dollars in energy costs.

The county just wrapped its first year since utilizing the TDEC energy savings grant which allowed four county facilities – the community center, justice center, EMS/911 center, and the agriculture building to make the switch to LED light bulbs.

“The grant provided the funds to purchase the bulbs and our maintenance department installed them as our in-kind match to the grant,” explained Putnam County Executive Randy Porter.

The savings, in terms of percentages, reported at each of the four facilities is as follows:

Agriculture building – 44 percent
Community center – 11 percent
EMS/911 – 9 percent
Justice center – 15 percent

The switch to LED bulbs in those four buildings alone has trimmed $45,295 from the county’s utility costs.

The courthouse had already transitioned thanks to a previous grant. Meanwhile, the school system just finished its LED project, meaning most of the major county buildings now use LED lighting.

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