Putnam County Schools recognize transportation employees

Pictured, First row, l to r: Kim Bradford, transportation supervisor; Lloyd Holt; Ron Chaffin; Cherri Webb; and Corby King, director of schools. Second row, l to r: Tonya Beasley; Brenda O’Leary; and Chuck Lankford. Third row, l to r: Lisa Ruberstall; Kenny Hale; and Alma Hickey. Fourth row, l to r: Angela Wallace; Giselle Santiago; and Tammy League. Fifth row, l to r: Kristy Leboeuf; Bettie Meehan; and Tammy Maddux. Sixth row, l to r: Kyle Menzer; Kathy Jo Davis; Lauri Boyes; and Tracy Pendel. Seventh row, l to r: Ynona Tinch; Jim Hogan; and Karen Mashburn. Eighth row, l to r: Jason Yung; Derek Bohannon; and Darryl Huddleston. Ninth row, l to r: Stephanie Shields; Chuck McFalls; and Mark Farley. Tenth row, l to r: Charles Wiggins; Mark Rodgers; and Tammy Christian.

PUTNAM COUNTY – Putnam County School System recognizes their employees in the Putnam County School System Transportation Department.

“We are thankful for each of these employees in transportation,” said Corby King, Director of Schools. “They work hard and get out in unpredictable weather etc. Each takes their job seriously and ensures the safety of our students. We appreciate them in a big way and we are honored to recognize them.”  

25 Years of Service: Tammy League, Mark Farley, Ynona Tinch, Tammy Christian, Tammy Maddux, Mari Ann Dotson and Karen Mashburn.

20 Years of Service: JoAnn Charles, Tracy Pendel, Angela Wallace and Carmin Vickers. 

15 Years of Service: Cheri Osterhoudt, Lauri Boyes, Lloyd Holt, Tammy Johnson and Chuck McFalls. 

10 Years of Service: Derek Bohannon, Michelle McFalls, Joy Jones, Cherrie Webb and Bettie Meehan. 

No Absentee Days: Gisselle Acevedo Santiago, Kenneth Hale, Alma Hickey, Darryl Huddleston, Tammy Johnson, Kyle Menzer, Lisa Ruberstell, Ynona Tinch, Jason Yung and Kathy Jo Davis. 

No Accidents: Tammy League, Mark Farley, Ynona Tinch, Tammy Christian, Karen Mashburn, Tracy Pendel, Angela Wallace, Lauri Boyes, Lloyd Holt, Tammy Johnson, Charles McFalls, Derek Bohannon, Michelle McFalls, Joy Jones, Cherrie Webb, Bettie Meehan, Mike Atwood, Terry Maddux, Charles Wiggins, Lisa Ruberstell, Stephanie Shields, Tonya Beasley, Ronald Chaffin, Michael Brown, Darlene Wilson, Mark Kingsley, Mark Rodgers, Chuck Lankford, Tangela Bartlett, Joseph Wesolowski, Jilliane Colwell-Kinsman, Laura McMurray, Elizabeth Morales, Brenda O’Leary, Gina Hale, Dave Redmon, Gisselle Acevedo-Santiago, Kristy Leboeuf, Kyle Menzer, Jim Hogan and Kenneth Hale. 

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