Putnam County Schools encouraged by 21-22 Spring TCAP results 

PUTNAM COUNTY – The 2021-22 Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) state-level results and Putnam County School System’s (PCSS) preliminary 2022 spring TCAP student results have been released. These results include exams in English Language Arts (ELA), mathematics, science and social studies for grades three through high school. The state and PCSS saw positive student growth trends for all students. 

“Looking at state-level and PCSS’s preliminary results, the word that comes to mind is encouraged,” said Corby King, Director of Schools for Putnam County. “I am encouraged that our district is seeing a trend upwards. We look forward to continuing to evaluate and share our data as the state releases more details.” 

Overall, the statewide 2021-22 TCAP student participation rate was 98% with 59 districts having participation higher than 99%. The state did see an overall rise in scores, and trends are positive. However, there are still learning loss gaps to close. Putnam County School System board, leadership, teachers and administrators are committed to addressing that learning loss and continuing academic growth for the students in Putnam County. 

Tennessee Department of Education’s overview PowerPoint of the 2021-22 TCAP results are available here

TCAP Family Portal 

The state has a free TCAP Family Portal available for families of students who participated in the spring 2022 TCAP. Families can register for the portal at familyreport.tnedu.gov with their student’s state ID number, also referred to as a USID. The USID is a seven-digit number. It will ask for a nine-digit number. When it does, add two zeros in front of the USID number. The resulting nine-digit number will enable you to create an account.

More information about the TCAP Family portal can be found by visiting www.pcsstn.com/tcapportal.  

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