Putnam County Schools awarded $4,000 in grants to honor Dawn Fry

Putnam County School Board member Dawn Fry and culinary instructor at Cookeville High School Tiffany Zellner.
Putnam County School Board member Dawn Fry and Hollie Childress, Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) teacher at Monterey High School.

PUTNAM COUNTY – Three Putnam County schools have each received a grant from Utrust in recognition of Dawn Fry, a Putnam County School Board member, for her service on the Utrust Board of Trustees. The Utrust Trustee Choice Program allows Fry to award $4,000 in projects of her choosing.

Cookeville High School received $2,000 to support its culinary arts program headed by Tiffany Zellner. Upperman High School and Monterey High School each received $1,000 to support their Dietetics and Nutrition Programs directed by Taylor Kee and Hollie Childress.

Fry said, “I love having the opportunity to help these excellent nutrition programs in our high schools. I want every school program to be the best that it can be. That’s why I’m on the Putnam County School Board. I also enjoy serving on the Utrust Board of Trustees. They help the schools and students they serve in so many ways.”

 “We are grateful to Utrust and especially to Dawn Fry for bringing additional funds to our school district,” Putnam County Superintendent Corby King added. “We use every such dollar we receive to enrich programs and provide more opportunities to our students. Dawn continues to be dedicated to making our schools better places to work and learn, and these grants move us in that direction.”

Utrust Administrator, Dr. Dan Tollett, said, “Dawn Fry has been an outstanding member of the Utrust Board for six years. She is one of two Middle Tennessee representatives that serve on the Utrust Board. She has helped implement and oversee a number of excellent programs, including the mini-grant program, which has provided more than a million dollars to Tennessee schools in the last four years. We are delighted to honor Dawn with these grants as a token of our appreciation for her excellent work.”

Upperman High School Vice Principal Bree Wheeler; Putnam County School Board member Dawn Fry; Nutrition Teacher Taylor Key; and Upperman High School Principal Billy Stepp.

Utrust is an organization that assists school systems in Tennessee with unemployment issues and in recognizing, supporting and appreciating school employees. It sponsors the Utrust Appreciation Program, a student leadership program that seeks to help students recognize and express appreciation to people who make their lives better each day. Most Putnam County schools participate in the program.

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