Putnam County School System recognizes outgoing board members 

PCSS Board Chairman Lynn McHenry; Kim Cravens, Vice Chairman; Jerry Maynard, outgoing board member; Dr. Dawn Fry, board member; Celeste Gammon, outgoing board member; David McCormick, board member; and Director of Schools Corby King.

PUTNAM COUNTY – The Putnam County School System recognized Putnam County School Board Members Celeste Gammon and Jerry Maynard for serving on the school board.

Gammon has served on the PCSS school board since 2014.  She has served the last eight years representing District 2, County Commission Districts 2 and 3. Before her time on the board, she worked as a teacher and substitute. Gammon is currently a business owner and a mom of three children who attended both public and private schools giving her a unique perspective as she served on the board for public education for the past eight years. Gammon is excited to welcome her first grandchild. 

Maynard has been in education for 56 years and served as principal at Sycamore Elementary School before joining the school board in 2006. He has served on the board for the past 16 years representing District 6, County Commission Districts 9 and 10. Maynard continues to stay involved in education by sitting on the Retiree Teacher Board and supporting educators as they transition from teaching to retirement. 

“It has been an honor to serve on the board with these knowledgeable educators and citizens,” said Lynn McHenry, PCSS School Board Chairman. “It takes dedication, integrity and grit to serve on a school board in public education today. The responsibility you hold serving on a school board is tremendous and impacts every life that walks through the door and the ones that drop them off at the door. These two board members have shown incredible leadership, and they will be missed. However, Mr. Ledbetter and Mrs. Ramsey will be wonderful additions to the board, and we look forward to having them start their term.” 

The new board members will take office on Sept. 1, 2022. Jill Ramsey will fill Gammons’ seat, representing District 2, and Kerry Ledbetter will represent District 6, Maynard’s former seat. 

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