João Oliveira, former CEO of the Portobello unit, will be the new CEO of Portobello America

Baxter – Portobello Group America (Portobello), a global force in the tile industry located in Baxter, is shaking things up at the highest levels.

Portobello is making “significant organizational changes aimed at strengthening its business strategies” to move forward with “integrated business model, emphasizing production, growth and profitability,” said the company. Since the completion of its so-called “Portobello America Project” with the construction of the 986,000-square-foot, ½ mile-long cutting-edge manufacturing facility at 8701 Ditty Road in Baxter, the company has been reorganizing at the highest parts of the organization.

When the Baxter facility was completed, with it came over 250 jobs to the area. The facility is now the home to Portobello America’s international headquarters. Portobello America is one of four business units within the organization.

Portobello business units:

  • Portobello Shop: A retail brand with nearly 150 stores across Brazil.
  • Portobello: Distributes to home centers, and construction companies while exporting to over 60 countries.
  • Pointer: A “democratically established design brand.”
  • Portobello America: The newest unit is described as the cornerstone of the group’s internationalization and is headquartered in Baxter.

Former Portobello CEO Luiz Felipe Brito, known for his expertise in international trade and export will take on a new challenge as the reorganization washes over the company. He will pivot, as they say, from CEO to Chief Business Development Officer.

João Oliveira, former CEO of the Portobello unit, will be the new CEO of Portobello America as he looks to help establish a footprint in the American market.

“Following the successful completion of the initial phase that focused on the development of the North American market, and the establishment of the factory, João will continue with the consolidation of of the integrated business model, emphasizing production, growth and profitability.”

The Digital Transformation initiative remains a top strategic priority for the company with a focus on reinforcing the unit’s robust growth plan.

Luciano Abrantes, the current Chief Technology Officer, will oversee the Portobello unit following the restructuring. Abrantes has 26 years of market experience in technology, digital media and business solutions.

“With a background that includes positions at Natura and Johnson & Johnson, he brings a wealth of expertise to his role,” said Portobello.

In another move, Daniel Rampazza Mathia will oversee the company’s digital footprint as Corporate Head of Digital Transformation. Christiane Ferriere has also been introduced as the Portobello group’s new Corporate Branding and Innovation Department head and takes up the mantle of Chief Creative Officer.

Formerly the Director of Branding and Innovation at Portobello Shop, she brings 30 years of experience to the new position.

“Portobello Group remains committed to its plan of becoming an increasingly global, digital and retail-oriented company,” said Portobello.

Portobello’s shakeup leans on a future where a digital presence is the highest priority. The company knows where it wants to go, and since setting roots in the American playing field, it is heading in the right direction.

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Photo courtesy of Portobello.

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