PM Environmental launches new service line

PM Environmental has launched a new petroleum compliance services (PCS) line.

COOKEVILLE – PM Environmental, an environmental consulting firm with an office in Cookeville, has announced the launch of its new petroleum compliance services (PCS) line.

This adds to the company’s already full line of retail petroleum services that includes underground storage tank management and removal, free product investigation, state fund reimbursement assistance and remediation systems, among others.

Service coverage will begin in Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi and expand throughout the U.S. The newly formed PCS group will help petroleum clients stay in compliance with underground storage tank regulations, particularly those pertaining to water intrusion in sumps and over spill buckets, hydrostatic sump testing, certified third party tank and line testing, dispenser and automatic tank gauge (ATG) maintenance and repairs. Other ancillary services will include dispenser calibration, oil water separator maintenance and spill response.

Murfreesboro’s David Haney will spearhead the newly formed group. Haney comes to PM with more than 16 years of experience in performing monitoring and construction oversight of corrective action systems along with installation, start-up and continual operation and maintenance of these systems. He also specializes in MEME oversight, oil water separator installation, fuel dispensing maintenance and operation along with documenting site conditions in accordance with state regulations and permitted plans.

Haney will be working with Greg Stephenson, principal and vice president who also heads PE’s Cookeville office on Oak Hill Drive, to offer this service line in the Mid-south region.

“David is a known entity within the TDEC community for being a hard worker and committed to getting the job done,” Stephenson said. “We are excited to have him on the PM team to help manage the field services portion of our newly formed petroleum compliance services group.”

“I am looking forward to playing an active leadership role in promoting PM to expand in physical territory, environmental and maintenance excellence,” Haney added.


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