The Putnam Education Partnership Foundation recently delivered $68,185 in grants to help connect underserved students to performing arts programs.

Putnam County – When the Putnam Education Partnership (PEP) Foundation discusses underserved students, the Board routinely brainstorms ways to get students who don’t always have the financial or family support and resources to participate in extracurricular programs.

In one recent meeting, the PEP Foundation began researching and working with performing arts program directors to identify the benefits and learn the hurdles to student participation.

“We are blessed with some very talented instructors in our performing arts programs across the School System, and our students excel in those programs and throughout life because of the lessons and relationships they gain in the programs,” explained Director of Schools Corby King.

“The funding of these programs is enhanced by fees and the advanced equipment used by the students, and the PEP grant funds will be very helpful to getting participation from students who may have an interest but are hesitant to participate because of that.”

Putnam County Schools have many well-known and model programs in performing arts, like the band, chorus, and drama programs in each of the county’s middle and high schools. As the Board worked closely with schools and school leaders, Board members developed the first Performing Arts Grant that allows band, chorus, and theater teachers in middle schools to apply for funds that help attract students who might otherwise be intimidated by purchases and fees that are necessary for the effectiveness and learning environment of such programs.

PEP Foundation Executive Director Katelyn Steakley explained that the program grants are funded by donors throughout the community who wish to support and empower Putnam County School System students.

“We are blessed with a wonderful community that gives to help our students and schools. This grant opportunity is just one of those programs we are able to fund because of donors who see and support the vision of the PEP Foundation,” Steakley stated.

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Photo courtesy of PEPTN.

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