Bond was set at $75,000

Nashville – The Special Investigations Section of the Tennessee Department of Revenue conducted the investigation that led to the indictment and arrest of Middle Tennessee business leader Teresa Lynn McCandless Overton.

Overton, age 57, was charged with one count of theft over $10,000, nine counts of tax evasion, and nine counts of destruction and tampering of governmental records related to the filing of false sales tax returns. Bond was set at $75,000.

“The Department of Revenue has always been committed to making sure Tennessee’s tax laws and procedures are applied uniformly to ensure fairness,” Revenue Commissioner David Gerregano said.  “We can never allow individuals engaged in fraudulent tax activity to have a competitive advantage over honest Tennesseans.”

If convicted, Overton could be sentenced to a maximum of six years in the state penitentiary and fined up to $10,000 for the theft charge. Overton could also face additional sentencing and fines for the tampering and tax evasion charges.

The department is pursuing the criminal case in cooperation with District Attorney Ray Crouch’s Office.

Image by wirestock on Freepik.

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