Select Designs, who recently celebrated 10 years in business, was selected as a Favorite Professional Service provider.

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CrossFit Mayhem
Putnam County | 601 Rich Froning Way, Cookeville
(931) 674-1112

In 2012, after winning the Reebok CrossFit Games title for a second year, Rich Froning, Jr. chose to open his crossfit training facility in downtown Cookeville. Fast-forward five years to early 2017 when CrossFit 3.0, as it’s commonly referred to, opened its fully furnished, 18,000-square-feet facility. The expanded facility includes a wellness center, nutrition resources, and education and mobility/yoga space, and a wifi work lounge, just to name a few features.

The opening of the facility was met with such demand that the event required ticketing for crowd-control, with 100 percent of the proceeds benefiting the local Disabled Veterans Association.

Froning, his team, and the CrossFit Mayhem facility catapulted Cookeville as a globally-recognized sports destination; boosting tourism to the region and inspiring others to lead afit lifestyle.

Select Designs
Putnam County | 226 W. Stevens St., Cookeville
(931) 520-1901

Simply put, monogramming is a southern staple and no outfit is complete without that key personalized piece. Even Southern Living magazine agrees, calling monogramming “a mandatory element of Southern style.”

The team at Select Designs, located in Cookeville, is happy to customize just about anything, offering a full-service embroidery, screen printing and monogramming shop.

Select Designs, who recently celebrated 10 years in business, can personalize practically anything – company logo shirts, team shirts, hats, blankets, totes, baby gifts, as well as gifts for brides-to-be, sorority and fraternity members, teachers and coaches.

Putnam County | 1100 N. Peachtree Ave., Cookeville
(931) 372-6383

On the third floor of Tennessee Tech’s Volpe Library, behind a maze of bookshelves, is a sleek glass entryway for the university’s iCube facility. The facility is responsible for generating at least 50 virtual reality projects covering everything from traffic safety, manufacturing processes, diabetes education and environmental education.

The unique perspective of the virtual reality experience allows users to fully immerse themselves in the area of study. For example, young drivers can experience how everyday distractions can impair their response time and abilities behind the wheel, a student or medical professional can explore and further understand the inner workings of the human body to see the impact diabetes has on the various systems – all through the virtual reality programs iCube offers. With several state- and nationwide business and nonprofit campaigns under their belt, the staff at iCube is only just getting started.

The Realty Firm
Putnam County | 515 E. Broad St., Cookeville
(931) 520-7750

Pickett County 9825 Hwy 11, Byrdstown
(931) 864-0404

Overton County 101 S. Court Sq., Ste 300, Livingston
(931) 403-2583

Cookeville is growing, the local real estate market is booming and the team at The Realty Firm is busy maintaining its foothold as the area’s fastest growing real estate firm.

For Kimberly Maynord Means, it all began with a dream to own her own firm. Two years after becoming a principal broker in 2010, and with the help of agent and partner Natalie Stout and Amanda Wiegand, agent and marketing expert, The Realty Firm was born.

The Realty Firm is also home to some of the area’s top real estate agents. With the belief of creating experiences, not interactions, The Realty Firm’s attention to customer detail is helping set the standard in real estate region-wide.

In addition to its Cookeville location, The Realty Firm now has newly opened offices in Byrdstown and Livingston, further expanding its reach throughout the UC.

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