Organization focuses on helping veterans, active duty service members and their immediate families

Cookeville – Operation United Hope, an organization that focuses on helping Veterans, active-duty service members and their immediate families, has officially registered with the state of Tennessee as a nonprofit, according to a Facebook post by the organization.

According to their website, United hope began in North Idaho with Winn Koehler. In 2013, Koehler began volunteering with Newby-ginnings. As Koehlor grew within that organization, and saw the support they gave to military families, something sparked inside her leading her to spread the mission to Tennessee.

“She knew when her family finally got moved to Tennessee that she wanted to bring with her what she had learned and start something here that was similar,” according to the website. “Her Military Family has always meant a lot to her. Winn’s Dad was a WWII Veteran, and she has had many family members and friends, along with her husband, that have served in the military. So she wanted to help other Military families and make sure, at the very least, that they had the necessities they need.”

The nonprofit hopes the official designation is only the beginning.

“It first started out with Winn, and it is growing every day with a better location, heartfelt volunteers and Hope,” according to the website.

They are located at 49 Fleming Avenue, Cookeville. Hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m Monday and Tuesday. For more information, call 931-303-1900, email or visit HERE.

Photo courtesy of the United Hope Facebook page.

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