New York’s Original Snap Dog expands to Crossville


“The Hot Dog With Its Name On It”

Snap Dog® –the hot dog born on the streets of New York City, will debut its first Tennessee location in Crossville. Crazy Dawgs is the first hot dog cart in Tennessee to be serving delicious Snap Dogs and will be operating Mondays-Fridays 10am – 2PM across from the John Smith Pharmacy, 100 Lantana Road in Crossville and will be working special events.

Known as, “The Hot Dog With Its Name on It!”™ the Snap Dog logo and the word “beef” actually appear on the surface of every Snap Dog.  This unique, all natural way of branding, lets consumers know exactly what kind of hot dog they’re being served in the public. Snap Dogs are hot dogs made from 100% premium beef and cooked the old-fashioned way, in a real smokehouse.

Crazy Dawgs will be serving the 1/5 lb. Spicy Hot Snap Dog Sausage with their special spiral cut, hot off the charcoal grill as well as their All American Snap Dogs.

Tammy Thompson, co-owner of Crazy Dawgs with business partner Rob Miller, says, “We decided to launch our own hot dog cart specializing in grilled, spiral cut ‘dawgs and wanted to be the first to introduce Snap Dogs to Tennessee.”

Founder/CEO Keith Dorman says, “We’re on a mission to elevate the hot dog experience. Everyone in Tennessee can now enjoy the authentic taste of a real New York City hot dog, and know they’re getting 100% beef.”

Dorman worked as a hot dog cart vendor on 55th and Broadway in New York City, which is where he realized the public has no way of telling what kind of hot dog they’re really getting.  Is it made from chicken, beef or pork? “It’s like this big mystery,” he says.

This inspired Dorman to solve the hot dog identity crisis by utilizing innovative hot dog casing technology that enables the graphics to naturally appear on the surface of the hot dog without using any dyes and/or colorings on the hot dog. That way, consumers can have peace of mind, every time.

The Snap Dogs will be served at the Crazy Dawgs cart with various condiments, including the Snap Dog® Pushcart-style Onion Sauce.

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