All delivery and distribution for Mayberry’s Cookeville will be handled out of Crossville

“I’m 68 years old,” James Mayberry (Mayberry), owner of Mayberry’s Complete Home Furnishings (MCHF) in Crossville said, “and I have always wanted to have a store in Cookeville.”

In 2014, Mayberry took ownership, in the long lineage family ownership, and became sole owner and operator following 35 years of running the day-to-day of the expanded operation. At his age, Mayberry says digging into more responsibility than what is already on his plate was a scary proposition, but something changed. 

More of that lineage, of course.

“I have two ambitious sons that work in the business,” he told the Upper Cumberland Business Journal. “They kinda prodded me a little bit. It was not hard for them to get me to agree with them to move forward.”

So, Mayberry leaped.

In June, MCHF will open a location at 1020 South Willow in Cookeville, the former home of Wholesale Furniture. Mayberry’s Cookeville expects to open at the end of June. 

“It’s going to be able to be put together, decorated nicely, and be a nice place to shop,” he said. 

The company has spent a lifetime making moves.

“We have always been a forward-thinking business since my father and grandfather started it in 1946,” said Mayberry.

In 1936, Eston Mayberry Senior (Mayberry’s grandfather), partnered with his uncle Walt “Buck” Stewart. Stewart, a professional baseball player, gave the duo financial stability. The risk paid off, and Ideal Furniture Company set roots on Main Street Crossville across from the Tennessee Railway Station. 

“When Dad (W.E. Mayberry, Jr) got out of World War 2, grandfather and uncle parted ways and Dad and grandfather started Mayberry’s in 1946,” said Mayberry.

In 1948, Mayberry’s expanded with a new and used retail furniture business before Mayberry, Jr. became the owner of Mayberry’s furniture, jewelry and dollar stores in 1965. 

It wasn’t until 1970 MCHF relocated to its current location at 139 S. Main Street. 21 years ago, Mayberry’s Downtown expanded and opened a new showroom in Crossville. The company opened a “Satellite/designer store” in 1988 named Mayberry’s Interiors (that store will consolidate into the company’s main store).

New location: Mayberry’s Complete Home Furnishings is expanding to Cookeville.

All delivery and distribution for Mayberry’s Cookeville will be handled out of Crossville, according to Mayberry. The previous owner (of the Cookeville location) used the building that now houses the Pool and Spa Depot for storage.

“That building has no storage,” said Mayberry.

Mayberry, who has a five-year lease on the building, says the company is taking a shot in the dark by tackling a new location. 

“We’ve been in Crossville so long, it’s a staple, and there is not a lot of competition up here, but no one knows who we are down there. We will have to build on that and build our reputation down there. We take care of people.”

That is the key.

“My thinking is that Service is the key to survival and it’s worked pretty well for the last 77 years,” he said.

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