Furthering the next generation of health care professionals

Pictured above – Left is Disha Patel and Isaac Cross caring for patient.

Cookeville Regional Medical Center‘s (CRMC) education department has welcomed students for decades and established educational programs to better serve the community and health care students.

The program has continued to grow and over 1,000 students are welcomed into the medical center annually.

“Most people know we work to bring in nursing students for clinical hours to obtain their degree, but CRMC actually partners with over 65 colleges and universities nationwide, serving students in various health care programs,” Bethany Pack, education director.

Bringing in students from over 65 colleges and universities significantly impacts the community as Cookeville Regional partners help raise and educate the next generation of health care workers.

Throughout the year, CRMC accommodates diverse students, including doctoral, physician assistants, nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, imaging techs, surgical techs, medical assistants and more. 

“These students come to us for clinical rotation and field experience to gain exposure in their chosen field,” said Pack. “It is a very important program not just for us, but for our community.”

The medical center has attracted the attention of universities for Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Students.

 “In July, Cookeville Regional will welcome our first cohort of doctoral students from Lincoln Memorial University Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine program,” said Pack. “We are becoming a core sight for Lincoln Memorial University and are excited about this partnership.”

Cookeville Regional’s mission is building healthier communities, and the education department is helping achieve this goal.

“It’s a big part of our hospital’s mission, and my mission as the director, to be a service to the community not only just recruitment for the hospital but to serve the schools and students,” Pack said. “We are fortunate to welcome such a wide variety of students to the medical center. We prioritize a healthy learning environment which aids us in recruiting students to practice as health care professionals.”

Photo courtesy of CRMC.

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