The Natchez Trace Compact (NTC) represents the Parkway across three states

Cookeville – The National Scenic Byway Foundation recently honored the Natchez Trace Parkway as the winner of the Byway Organization Award for Communication. It is one of the Foundation’s eight national awards presented annually.

The Natchez Trace Compact (NTC) represents the Parkway across three states. NTC is responsible for implementing the 2021-2022 Marketing Plan with an aggressive advertising, marketing and public relations program. As part of its overall strategy for attracting visitors to the byway and adjacent communities, the goal is to communicate the message – “Explore the Trace, Discover America.”

The NTC is made up of three state tourism offices and 18 community DMOs who work together to encourage travelers to experience the “Unique Journey from Natchez to Nashville.” The NTC knew the approach to reach travelers post-pandemic had to look different from previous marketing efforts.  The new tactics complemented existing efforts to reinforce the message that the Parkway and local communities were open and safe for exploration.

The website’s enhanced interactive map and itinerary builder has gained traffic to highlight iover the past year on social media and in digital advertising to assist travelers in their planning, and they updated community information to double-check hours and what venues were open. Social media posts featured these venues as travel inspiration and scenic photography was greatly enhanced due to the partnership with digital influencers and local DMOs.

The Natchez Trace Parkway was designated an All-American Road in 1996, part of the America’s Byways collection. Visit them or

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