Storm set to dump a reported 6 inches of snow on area

Cookeville – If you were planning on heading out first thing and braving the snowy roads to get those Chick-n-Minis, it doesn’t seem like that is an option.

With a snowstorm plowing through the area and frigid temperatures, with some reports saying close to 0 degrees, making everyone reach for their favorite thermals, Chick-fil-A Cookeville announced via social media it would open late on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Normally, the fast-food giant opens at 6:30 a.m.

“Our top priority is ensuring a safe service experience,” said the restaurant in a Facebook post. “To prioritze the safety of both our team and guests, we have scheduled or opening time for 10:30 a.m.”

Government offices and schools were already closed due to the holiday, but with predictions as they are, it looks like the snow may stick around for a while.

Image by wirestock on Freepik

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