Bill was introduced by Representative William Lamberth and Senator Jack Johnson

On Tuesday, Governor Bill Lee signed a bill that looks to streamline construction permitting, according to a report by WATE news in Knoxville.

Noting his own construction experience, Lee has said in the past that slow permitting processes can be costly.

“I think the primary thing that this bill will do is allow third parties to participate in the permitting process and in the inspection process,” said Lee. “That just brings more people to the table to accomplish all the work that must be done in a shorter period of time.”

At the signing, Lee spoke on the bill (introduced by Representaive William Lamberth and Senator Jack Johnson) that authorizes and establishes procedures for the use of third-party examiners, inspectors, engineers and professionals to streamline the permitting process. He said Tennessee is one of the fastest-growing states in the country, and with the booming population comes a bigger demand for homes and construction of buildings.

Lee says the bill will help in not allowing growth to slow down the system, according to the report. The goal, according to Lee, is to not make building more expensive with an extended permitting process.

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