Jackson, Pickett counties see sales tax boost

By Amye Anderson
UCBJ Managing Editor

UPPER CUMBERLAND – While the region’s sales tax collections may have held somewhat steady for the month of September – despite a slight dip of two-tenths of a percent from the 2.5 percent gain reported in August – two of the UC’s more modest collectors saw a 30-plus percent boost to their sales tax collections for the month compared to 2016 numbers.

The latest data released by the Tennessee Department of Revenue shows Pickett County reported a whopping 32.1 percent gain in sales tax collections while Jackson County (31.9) trailed closely behind.

The region’s top three collectors also saw continued positive gains in September, led by Cumberland (3.8), Warren (2.6), and Putnam (1.8).

The region’s 2.3 percent growth rate lags behind the 4.8 percent gain reported by the state.

While Clay (-7.8), White (-3.7), Fentress (-3.5) and Smith (-0.7) reported decreases, the rest of the region was up, including Cannon (13.3), DeKalb (4.4), Macon (1.5), and Overton (1.3) rounding out the region.

Collections, considered just one measure of economic activity, are based on state sales taxes; local option taxes are excluded. Data lags by one month; for example, September numbers reflect August activity.

Source: Compiled by the Upper Cumberland Development District from data published by the Tennessee Department of Revenue.

Counties Latest Month Year Prior Percent Change
Cannon $375,508 331,432 13.3
Clay 268,582 291,429 -7.8
Cumberland $4,467,232 $4,302,349 3.8
DeKalb 907,149 869,029 4.4
Fentress $757,770 $785,323 -3.5
Jackson $203,961 $154,644 31.9
Macon $1,092,250 $1,076,051 1.5
Overton $905,101 $893,508 1.3
Pickett $335,005 $253,607 32.1
Putnam $8,544,488 $8,391,963 1.8
Smith $911,524 $917,821 -0.7
Van Buren N/A N/A N/A
Warren $2,239,934 $2,183,326 2.6
White $1,447,571 $1,502,422 -3.7
UCDD $22,456,075 $21,952,904 2.3
TN $725,173,000 $692,035,000 4.8

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