J. Cumby Construction selected for Chattanooga water work

CHATTANOOGA – Construction projects near Chattanooga’s scenic Riverwalk bring a lot of attention on themselves and the city. When choosing a contractor for a new emergency bypass pump station, city officials selected a proven firm in Cookeville’s J. Cumby Construction to spearhead the project.

“This new pump station will be directly between the Tennessee River and the existing stormwater pump station,” said Andrew Jerome, J. Cumby Construction project manager. “The conditions are very tight, and the project is also very visible, as the Chattanooga Riverwalk runs directly between the river and the site.”

The new bypass station also includes an odor control system and electrical upgrades, as well as excavation of up to 44 feet at its deepest point. The entire project is part of Chattanooga’s overflow abatement program, which aims to ensure the environmental health of the Tennessee River and its tributaries for future generations.

The Chattanooga bypass pump station is the latest of many similar projects that J. Cumby Construction has been tabbed for. Some of the Upper Cumberland projects include Cookeville, Livingston and Sparta.

While Kingsport, Waverly, Rockwood and Gallatin have also seen water plant work performed by J. Cumby Construction.

Construction for the Chattanooga emergency bypass pump station is slated to begin Sept. 25 and run through the end of November 2018.

For more information about J. Cumby Construction, call (931) 526-5158 or visit www.jcumbyconstruction.com.

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