Husband and wife entrepreneurs launch online platform aimed at helping businesses with hybrid workers

COOKEVILLE – Husband and wife entrepreneurs, Micah Johnson and Alane Boyd, recently announced the formation of Arvo, a cloud-based platform that reimagines Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), playbooks and training manuals for today’s evolved workforce of remote and hybrid teams.

“Alane and I have been married and business co-owners for 10 years. We have a six-year-old son, who also has his own business. We are an entrepreneurial family. It’s in our DNA,” said Johnson. “We are thrilled to bring Arvo to the business world. The platform streamlines and boils down processes to train and educate workers in today’s hybrid work environments. This has been a real pain point of many businesses as we all adjust to a new normal.”

Johnson and Boyd were adamant about documenting processes in their previous business ventures. They learned early on that with documentation, remote and hybrid teams could run smoothly with less confusion and without needing to constantly ask, “What’s the next step?”

“We saw first-hand that when things are not buttoned-up, it’s a clear recipe for disaster, frustration and employee turnover,” said Boyd.

“We’ve learned over our decade of entrepreneurial experience that systems, processes, procedures and documentation are what make businesses successful and fantastic to work for,” said Johnson.

“Arvo is a phenomenal platform,” said Tyna Bryan, CEO of DOTReady. “The documents we have created in Arvo for our business look fantastic and are much easier to follow than the PDF documents we were using before. Our employees and customers are loving it.”

Johnson and Boyd also co-founded BGBO Co, a business consulting organization and parent organization to Arvo.

“We completed over 100 client engagements, and not a single company had documentation for their teams,” said Johnson. “Arvo has already helped many of our BGBO Co clients easily overcome hurdles. Arvo’s take on training and playbooks is easily understood and relatable to team members.”

Rather than jump right into building a new platform, the couple spent more than a year consulting with companies worldwide, gathering comprehensive data on what worked and what didn’t. Once they struck a combination of solutions that worked across multiple teams and cultures, they began building the new, cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

Arvo offers a free starter package, paid unlimited package or paid professional package to meet users at all business stages and needs. Learn more at

About Arvo

Arvo ( is a cloud-based platform that reimagines business process documentation for today’s hybrid workforce. Using pre-built “smart” components, Arvo converts existing processes into easy-to-follow playbooks. It’s powerful enough to incorporate all forms of media, including images, GIFs, emojis, diagrams, videos, audio and more. It also ensures that any page, playbook or library can be embedded or shared directly in popular work management systems such as Asana, ClickUp and

About BGBO Co

Founded by Micah Johnson and Alane Boyd, BGBO Co is a business consulting company serving businesses of all sizes to develop strategic operating systems that scale. The BGBO Co methodology leverages the latest technology platforms, such as Arvo, to support organizations in building a solid foundation to reach the next level of business objectives smoothly. In addition, BGBO Co provides its clients blueprints for the most common needs in every business, allowing organizations to achieve goals at a faster, more efficient and organized pace.

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