Guimaraes honored with Caplenor award

Tennessee Tech’s Tor Guimaraes (center), a professor in decision science and management, received the 2019 Caplenor Faculty Research Award on Thursday night. Congratulating Guimaraes are Harvill Eaton (left), vice president for research and economic development, and Tech president Phil Oldham.

COOKEVILLE – Tor Guimaraes, professor in the Department of Decision Sciences and Management in the College of Business, has been awarded Tennessee Tech University’s highest faculty honor, the 2019 Caplenor Faculty Research Award.

Guimaraes received the honor at a faculty recognition reception on Thursday night at Tech.

“It is an honor,” said Guimaraes about the Caplenor award. “It also means I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing and what I’m getting paid to do.”

Guimaraes, a native of Brazil, has accomplished a lot in his 27 years at Tech. In 1991, he was chosen by Tech to hold the Jesse E. Owen Chair whose mission is discovery and validation of new knowledge in the area of technology management for business innovation. Rated by several independent studies as one of the most productive researchers in the world based on publications in the top information technology management journals, he has over 110 publications in refereed journals, 69 publications in refereed conference proceedings, 74 conference presentations, nine refereed book chapters, and a host of other publications and professional presentations.

“In terms of research quantity, Dr. Guimaraes’ productivity has been truly astonishing,” said Tom Timmerman, chair of Tech’s Department of Decision Sciences and Management. “More important than the quantity, however, is the quality and impact of his research activity. According to Google Scholar, his total body of work has been cited over 8,000 times and most of those citations occurred after 2000. Dr. Guimaraes has been cited more than Tech’s four other most-cited researchers combined.”

Guimaraes’ most recent research has many focal areas with important fundamental research and practical applications, including: Testing special Cultural Traits to Banks’ Ability to Innovate; An expanded Model of Success Factors for New Product Development Performance; Human Factors Affecting Hospital Management Systems Impact on Nurses Jobs; Testing Important Factors for City E-Gov Implementation Success; and Assessing Important Factors to Reduce Obstacles in Product Innovation.

“I couldn’t have done everything that I have done without all the partners that I have had. I would feel very guilty if I didn’t give them much credit,” said Guimaraes, who has had more than 100 research partners from 12 countries. “Many times I pick a research question that I don’t know much about at all, so I would be starting at zero with knowledge. It’s extremely important that I would identify people in the world who would be the authorities on that subject.”

Guimaraes is recognized by his colleagues as one of the most impressive, in-depth researchers in manufacturing and healthcare, in multiple disciplines ranging from management information systems to entrepreneurship and innovation.

“With Tor’s mentorship, I have been able to co-author several conference papers and peer reviewed journal articles,” said Curtis Armstrong, a professor in decision sciences and management. “I have found his passion for research to be quite infectious. He is also great at pushing those whom he works with to excel in their research.

The Caplenor award was established in 1984 in memory of Charles Donald Caplenor, former associate vice president for research and dean of instructional development. This is the second time Guimaraes has received the award, first earning the honor in 1999.

“I get criticized a lot by family and friends that I work too much, but I can’t help it. It’s my hobby. It’s very exciting,” said Guimaraes. “Research deals with new knowledge. I get a big kick out of thinking that nobody knows the answer to a question until I do.” 

Caplenor Award Recipients
2018-2019, Dr. Tor Guimaraes, Department of Decision Sciences and Management
2017-2018, Dr. Joseph Biernacki, Department of Chemical Engineering
2016-2017, No award
2015-2016, Dr. Michael Birdwell, Department of History
2014-2015, Dr. Pedro Arce, Department of Chemical Engineering and Dr. Greg Danner, Department of Music
2013-2014, Dr. Ying Zhang, Department of Mechanical Engineering
2012-2013, Dr. Robert Qiu, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
2011-2012, Dr. Faisal Hossain, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
2010-2011, Dr. Sakir Ayik, Department of Physics
2009-2010, Dr. Joseph Biernacki, Department of Chemical Engineering and Dr. Mohamed Abdelrahman, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
2008-2009, Dr. Jiahong (John) Zhu, Department of Mechanical Engineering 
2007-2008, Dr. Phillip Bettoli, Dept. of Biology, and Dr. Kwun-Lon Ting, Department of Mechanical Engineering
2006-2007, Dr. Lewis Keith Crouch, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
2005-2006, Dr. David Dean Richey, Department of Curriculum and Instruction
2004-2005, Dr. George Buchanan, Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Dr. David Viera, Department of Foreign Languages
2003-2004, Mr. Ralph Winston Morris, Professor, Department of Music and Art
2002-2003, Dr. John J. Wheeler, Associate Dean and Professor, College of Education
2001-2002, Dr. Joseph O. Ojo, Electrical and Computer Engineering
2000-2001, Dr. Ali Alouani, Electrical and Computer Engineering

1999-2000, Dr. Tor Guimaraes, Decision Science and Management
1998-1999, Dr. Sastry Munukutla, Mechanical Engineering
1997-1998, Prof. Robert Jager, Music
1996-1997, Dr. Sharon Berk, Biology
1995-1996, Dr. Michael Gunter, Political Science
1994-1995, Dr. Helen Deese, English
1993-1994, Dr. George Webb, History
1992-1993, Dr. Raymond Kozub, Physics
1991-1992, Dr. John Peddieson, Jr., Mechanical Engineering
1990-1991, Dr. Dale Ensor, Chemistry
1990, Dr. Periasamy Rajan, Electrical Engineering
1989, Dr. Donald Weinrauch, Management and Marketing
1988, Dr. Scott Northrup, Chemistry
1987, Dr. David Yarbrough, Chemical Engineering
1986, Dr. Jerry Ayers, Education
1985, Dr. John Gordon, Civil Engineering
1984, Dr. Cemil Bagci, Mechanical Engineering

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