Goodman Brings Caring Transitions to Crossville

Caring Transitions is the professional, full-service solution for life’s transitions, including senior moves, downsizing and online estate sales.

CROSSVILLE – When Louise Goodman went to visit her mother eight years ago, what started as a month-long visit quickly turned into a nightmare. When her mother passed away suddenly, not only was Goodman faced with the unexpected task of managing her estate, but she was also stuck in a gated senior-living community without the permissions for visitors or resources to help her clear out her mother’s home. 

“After dealing with the nightmare almost entirely on my own, I just couldn’t wait to put the whole process behind me. I needed time to grieve the loss of my mom and, instead, I spent weeks trying to get people in and out of a gated community,” Goodman said. “When it was all over, I realized that there had to be a better way, which is when I found Caring Transitions.”

When Goodman decided to come out of retirement earlier this year, she decided bringing Caring Transitions to her Tennessee town would provide a much-needed resource for her region and give her an opportunity to use her experience to make a difference for other families. 

Caring Transitions is the professional choice for moving, downsizing, clearing an estate and hosting estate sales. Caring Transitions’ specially trained professionals handle every detail of their clients’ transition including decluttering, cleanouts, packing, move management, unpacking, resettling into your new home and both in-home and online estate sales. Caring Transitions of Crossville works in Crossville, Cookeville, Oakridge and the surrounding areas.

In addition to her training through Caring Transitions, Goodman has a background in broadcasting and more than 30 years of experience as a real estate broker, which gives her a unique perspective. She and her husband, Carl, have lived in Tennessee for the last 15 years.

“Moving is never fun, even when you’re excited about your next adventure,” Goodman said. “Regardless of your personal situation, having a buddy there who can help you move the process along and take the weight off your shoulders can change the entire experience. At Caring Transitions, we want to be your buddy. Our screened, bonded, trained and insured employees are your neighbors, and they are here to help.”

Caring Transitions’ services are perfect for managing the many aspects of a senior move. The company also helps busy families with downsizing, rightsizing and clearing out the home of a loved one who has moved into assisted care or has passed away. All of Caring Transitions’ services are customizable, so clients choose the solution that best fits their needs. 

Caring Transitions of Crossville is bonded and insured, and all employees are background checked. For additional information, call 931-248-7142, email or visit

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