CRMC to begin weekly conference call on COVID-19 situation

COOKEVILLE – Late Wednesday afternoon, Paul Korth, CEO of Cookeville Regional Medical Center (CRMC), gave an update on the hospital’s COVID situation and announced that a weekly conference call will be held on Wednesdays at 11 a.m. to update the community on the status of the COVID situation at the medical center.   

Korth’s statement is as follows:

Colleagues and Community,

While I would like to share an update that things have turned a corner with COVID, the number of COVID patients has dramatically increased in the last month and continues to rise. We have reason to be concerned that the coming days will pose a considerable challenge to our hospital.

Over the past month we have treated hundreds of patients and have 120 currently admitted. This is in addition to managing a very full hospital and Emergency Department each day. The number of patients admitted for COVID is at its highest point since the beginning of the pandemic which was 87 in December of 2020. 

At CRMC, we have seen the following trends over the past month:

  • The overall number of COVID-19 positive patients has increased by 600%.
  • The ages of those admitted range from 18-93 plus one 2 year old.
  • Vaccinated versus unvaccinated
  • Not Vaccinated: 92% cumulative since March 10th – August 90% and September 89% so far
  • Putnam County 
  • Monoclonal Antibodies Total of 1207 doses given between 7/30-9/8
  • 34.2% stated fully vaccinated

Cookeville Regional Medical Center’s leadership has been working hard with directors to ensure equipment, protective gear and staffing is adequate when it comes to patient care in this recent surge. We have incredible teams who know the true meaning of teamwork – who can pull our resources together, make real-time changes and adapt at warp speed as we venture into unchartered waters. We are utilizing all our teams in all specialties to pull together and take care of our community and provide exceptional care. Our greatest challenge now is having adequate staffing who can work extra or in alternative roles to help meet this extraordinary circumstance as cases continue to rise.

Another great concern is having enough ICU beds or hospital beds in general, to take care of non-COVID patients who need medical care. We have stopped all elective procedures in order to have staff, beds, ventilators and other resources to take care of patients.

The variants we are dealing with spread more easily than the initial virus. Because of these new variants, the numbers are dramatically rising at CRMC and in our community – and we encourage everyone to consult with their healthcare provider about receiving a vaccine. We strongly encourage our community to be vaccinated – it is the best way to avoid becoming sick and winding up in the Hospital and ICU.

To keep our community apprised of all information, we will be having a weekly conference call on Wednesday at 11 AM.

Call info: – One-touch: tel:+18722403311,,612103893#

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