Adult Entertainment Board to investigate to see if it fits definition of “sex shop”

Putnam County – According to reports, The Red Room (TRR), located at 5425 Village Road in Putnam County will be “inspected” by Putnam County Clerk Wayne Nabors who will report back his findings to the county’s Adult Entertainment Board.

The board is looking into the idea that TRR should be considered an “adult-oriented business.” District 11 Commissioner Darren Wilson made his thoughts very clear.

“We don’t want a sex shop in our backyard,” he said. “Lingerie, I don’t consider that a sex issue, but I’m waiting to hear more.”

The shop’s owners say nothing in the business meets the legal definition of “adult orientated.” The shop does offer lingerie and vibrators, but a spokesman for TRR owner Cassandra Blaskis says the vibrators are classified as “medical quality,” according to the report.

The spokesman said the business does not sell adult books or videos.

“There’s no pornography at all,” she said.

The business does stand within 2,000 feet of a residential area. If it were deemed an “adult business” that would be prohibited, according to state law. I guess we have to wait for the investigation to conclude to find out TRR’s fate.

In the meantime, for more information on The Red Room visit them on Facebook HERE, but be aware searching keywords The Red Room Cookeville brings with it a warning from Facebook that reads:

Are you sure you want to continue? The term you searched for is sometimes associated with nudity or sexual activity, which isn’t allowed on Facebook.

This is an ongoing story. Check back for updates.

Image by benzoix on Freepik.

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