Cookeville Kroger launches online ordering 

COOKEVILLE – Kroger has announced the launch of its new online grocery ordering system, ClickList, at its Cookeville location. The time-saving service is available beginning today and is expected to be well-received based on customer reaction in other areas where this service is offered.   

According to Kroger E-Commerce Manager, Laurie Shannon, “The feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Senior citizens, parents with young children, and busy professionals all appreciate this convenience.”

ClickList allows customers to place their grocery order online at There, the customer creates their shopping list, selects a pick-up time, and then places the online order.

A Kroger store associate then hand-picks the order and stores it in temperature-appropriate zones until the customer arrives. The customer then pulls their vehicle up in the designated pick-up lane and a store associate will load the order in their car.

  • Online orders can be created on computers or smart phones with internet access. 
  • Reserve a time slot to receive your groceries.
  • As an introductory offer, Kroger will waive the $4.95 service charge for each customer’s first three orders. 
  • Payment is made at time of pick-up, right from the customer’s car. 
  • Coupons electronically linked to a customer’s loyalty card will automatically redeem to reduce the cost of the order. Paper coupons will be deducted at time of pick up.  
  • If an ordered item is not available, store associates will offer a substitution to the customer, which the customer may accept or decline. 
  • Pharmacy prescriptions, wine, and beer are not included in the program.  

Kroger offers the service at close to 60 stores in the Nashville division which includes Middle and East Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, and North Alabama. 

The service will be added to the Crossville location later this summer. 

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