Commercial building permits: January 2014

City of Cookeville/Putnam County
List includes: Owner/contractor, type of construction, address and estimated cost

Church Iglesia EV Chuj Cristo Lavida Eterna, addition/remodel, 1782 E. Spring St., $7,000

City of Cookeville/Hightower Communications Inc., addition commercial, 1347 Bunker Hill Road, $4,500

Dr. Hudson/JA Sergio & Sons, remodel commercial, 600 E. Veterans Drive, $300,000

Joe and Veronica Spiecker, remodel commercial, 1306 N. Washington Ave., $20,000

Garry W. McNabb/M&M Building Contractors LLC, addition commercial, 586 S. Jefferson Ave., $2,000

Pinnacle Towers Inc./Grapevine Solutions Inc., remodel commercial/structure other than building, 214 Freeze St., $14,670

Douglas L. Standifer ETAL John Powell Lowe/Warner Construction, remodel commercial, 791 S. Jefferson Ave., $40,000

Tays Properties LLC/Holloway & Sons Construction, remodel commercial, 620 Maxwell St., $20,000

Times Square LLC/ J&S Construction Co. Inc., remodel commercial, 851 S. Willow Ave., Suite 5, $264,000

West Jackson Market Place Partners Suite 200C/Build Retail Inc., remodel commercial, 410 W. Jackson St., Suite D., $50,000

City of Crossville/Cumberland County
List includes: Contractor, permit type/description, square footage, address and valuation 

Otto Builders, building-commercial, renovation of mercantile, 3,600 square feet, 1782 West Ave., $20,000

J. Cumby Construction, building-commercial, renovation of football stadium, 660 Stanley St., $150,000

GEM Technologies, building-commercial, renovation of bathhouse, 1,700 square feet, 24 Office Drive, $1,052,900

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