Pictured above – Second row from the left is Chad McDonald, board member; Mike Reel, board member; Hannah Davis, board member; Katie Atkinson, board member; Tiffany Davidson, board member; Amy New, board member; Eric Walker, outgoing chairman; Lindy Lynn, board member; Tyler Asher, board member; Lauren Metts, board member; Brent Young, board member; Melanie Wilson, board member; Ashley Waters, board member; Seth Hudson, board member; Amber Flynn-Jared, board member. Not pictured are Jodi Pitts, board member, and Kari Oldham, board member.

Legacy Award is presented to a business owner to has done substantial renovations following the guidelines of historic preservation

Cookeville – Cookeville’s CityScape, whose mission is to establish a partnership between the public and private sectors that are dedicated to revitalizing Downtown Cookeville, ended 2023 with their annual awards and recognizing past and new board members. 

In December, CityScape gave the 2023 Legacy Award to Resa Roberts, owner of LUXE Boutique, for the improvements she has made to her building and Downtown Cookeville. The Legacy Award is presented to a business owner who has done substantial renovations following the guidelines of historic preservation. 

“Resa and Jeff Roberts have been the proud owners and operators of Luxe Boutique for 12 years, and their contribution to bringing livelihood to the west side does not go unnoticed,” said Ferran Kefauver, Executive Director of CityScape. 

Patti Clark served as bookkeeper for CityScape for over 12 years and received the 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award. The award is given to pioneers in downtown historic preservation who have set the standards for others in our community. 

“CityScape could not run without Patti. What she does behind the scenes is crucial to our strategic plan to fulfill the mission of CityScape. She has selflessly served CityScape for over 12 years with her expertise in accounting, finances and hospitality. Thank you, Patti, for loving the people and the organization so well,” said Kefauver. 

CityScape proudly recognizes three outgoing board members, Eric Walker, Nicole Ziegler and Mandy Mathis, who have served six years on the Board of Directors. Laura Wolf Woodford was named chair of CityScape for 2024, with Eric Walker serving as immediate past chair. 

They also welcome six new members for 2024 to join the existing board:

  • Seth Hudson
  • Chad McDonald
  • Lauren Metts Greening 
  • Melanie Wilson
  • Mike Reel 
  • Kari Oldham 

“We are forever grateful for the hard work and dedication that Eric, Mandy and Nicole have given to the organization and to making downtown preservation happen in Cookeville. We are excited to welcome our six new members to our existing board and look forward to bright things in 2024,” said Kefauver. 

Photo courtesy of CityScape.

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