Cookeville – Tennessee Tech University will host a full schedule of activities to honor veterans in tandem with Veterans Day on Friday, Nov. 11. The events have been organized by the military and veteran affairs office.

“I’m excited for the week because it’s always great anytime we can really honor the veteran community, especially those who’ve really sacrificed,” said Bryant Koester, a native of Anna, Illinois. “It is also a window into the veteran community because many veterans speak and run it.”

Bryant Koester

Koester will be one of the many veterans on Tech’s campus who will be honored during a Veterans Day ceremony on Tuesday, Nov. 8, at 11 a.m. in the Derryberry Auditorium. He will also be a guest speaker during the ceremony. 

In 2018, Koester started his active duty in the United States Marine Corps, selected for communication contracts. He was stationed in Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms, Camp Pendleton, Kenya and Somalia.   

Koester is particularly excited about the ceremony to introduce himself to the Tech community. He said, “I really want to focus on how the military has impacted my life and other people’s lives for the better. So, I’m going to speak about how my service impacted my life and ultimately how it’s helped me come to Tech.”

The ceremony will be a part of a week of activities which include veteran appreciation day on Monday, veterans’ lunch on Wednesday, a celebration of the Marine Corps 247 birthday with a student veteran organization versus ROTC kickball game and block party on Thursday and wearing red to honor everyone deployed on Friday.

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