Company had 6,316 stores in the U.S.

Memphis – AutoZone, Inc., the leading retailer and distributor of automotive replacement parts and accessories in the Americas, completed its Leadership Transition Plan announced June 26, 2023.

Today, Phil Daniele, a 30-year AutoZoner, who most recently served as Chief Executive Officer-Elect, became President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Bill Rhodes, a 29-year AutoZoner, and our CEO for nearly 19 years, who most recently served as Chairman, President and CEO, transitioned into the role of Executive Chairman.

“A very special congratulations to Phil on becoming AutoZone’s President and CEO. For only the fifth time in our company’s rich history, we have a new CEO. I am tremendously excited about AutoZone’s future and continued growth under Phil’s leadership,” said Bill Rhodes, Executive Chairman, Customer Satisfaction.

As of Nov. 18, 2023, the Company had 6,316 stores in the U.S., 745 in Mexico and 104 in Brazil for a total store count of 7,165.

“I am extremely honored and enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve as President and CEO of AutoZone, a company that I love dearly and have been a part of for over three decades. Our ability to put the customer first is and will forever be the key to our accelerated growth and continued success. Both Bill and I deeply believe that AutoZone’s best days lie ahead,” said Phil Daniele, President and CEO, Customer Satisfaction.

Image by standret on Freepik.

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